2.0 (dubbed) Movie

A grave risk to mankind poses a potential threat as a strange birdman, who will crush whatever hinders his war against innovation. It is presently up to Dr. Vaseegaran to restore his most smart creation – the humanoid Chitti – to stop the nightmarish frenzy of the birdman

Karan Johar and Lyca Productions’s 2.0 (dubbed from the Tamil film of the same name) is a sequel to Robot.

A grave threat to humanity looms large in the form of a mysterious birdman, who will destroy anything that stands in the way of his war against technology. It is now up to Dr. Vaseegaran to revive his most ingenious creation – the humanoid Chitti – to stop the nightmarish rampage of the birdman.

Shankar Panicker’s Direction is sensational. He has given the film a terrific scale and has made it such that individuals will be knocked off their socks off with the PC designs and special visualizations, the two of which are of worldwide models. The 3D transformation (by Prime Focus) is likewise staggering. A.R. Rahman’s music is customary. Ambient sounds is significant. Bosco-Caesar’s choreography is reasonable. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is completely exceptional. The prosthetics (by Legacy Effects) deser­ve qualification marks. Activity and tricks (by Kenny Bates, Nick Powell, Steven Griffin and Silva) are exciting and exci­ting. Generation structuring (by T. Muthuraj) is of a phenomenal standard. Anthony’s altering is sharp. 2.0 (dubbed) is flawless.

All in all, 2.0 (dubbed) is a surefire hit and will keep everybody related with the film as additionally the crowd extremely upbeat. It can without much of a stretch touch the 100-crore check in the main end of the week itself.

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